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If you want cancel your service
you have a 10-day delay from your purchase to get a refund.
All orders are monthly subscriptions,You can stop your subscription at any time

the monthly subscription is granted for a duration of thirty (30) days .
This monthly subscription will be tacitly renewed upon its expiry for the same duration –
a notification will be sent to You by stream-music for this purpose. You may terminate this subscription.
and prevent tacit renewal by sending stream music a notification by e-mail at the address support@stream-music.co.
at least seven (7) days before the expiry of Your monthly subscription. We will provide You with a Best Streaming Service.
With a Complete Streaming Control Panel.
A fast support by live chat or ticket.
Storage of Your Media (2500-MB basic) via secure FTP Or Drop Windows, (Auto Dj).
Relay for Live encoder, Live Broadcast Live Cam. On Demand, AutoDJ

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